Services used:

Solar PV Battery Installation

What we did: Installation of a domestic PV system using GSE in roof trays to allow the array to sit flush within the roof.
Client: Mark Seaton
Full details:

The systems inverter was installed within a small loft space due to a lack of room within the cupboard housing the electrical meter and consumers unit, this also had the desired effect of not impeding on space and decor within the home. This installation is a 5Kw system and is expected to produce 3722KWh per year, this would save 790 Kg of carbon dioxide per year. The installation is on an east facing roof only, this is due to planning restrictions as the property is within the chilterns area of natural beauty (AONB). The inverter has a Wi-Fi dongle installed within which allows live tracking of the systems performance, payback and any faults or warning to minimise downtime.